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Founder and Chief Editor of web journal about Japanese society and culture Tokyo City Editor for site’s launch and first year, helped develop content strategy, over 300 pieces written Chief Editor of website about Japanese fashion business in English, featuring trend analysis and tied to consulting services, primary writer of all content
Primary writer and initiator of bilingual blog on Japanese consumer and media insights, syndicated on Livedoor

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Ivy Style
“China: Navigating New Subtleties & Prohibitive Prices” (Oct 19, 2009)“Bucking an Industry Collapse through Service”(Sep 11, 2009)“Shopping at the End of the Luxury Bubble” (Jul 9, 2009)

“The Spirit of Craftsmanship” (Jun 8, 2009)

“It’s all in the Niche” (Mar 2, 2009)

“The Future of Luxury in Japan” (Jany 24, 2009)

“In Tokyo, Abercrombie Misses Its Mark”(Feb 4, 2010)“Uniqlo | A Feel-Good Commodity” (Dec 1, 2009)

“Japan Fashion Week | Not prime time” (Mar 27, 2009)

“Uniqlo | Reigning Supreme” (Jan 25, 2009)

“Q&A | The lowdown on H&M Comme des Garçons” (Nov 7, 2008)

“H&M | Swedish fast fashion finally comes to Japan” (Sep 25, 2008)

“Japan Fashion Week | Under the radar” (Sep 14, 2008)

“No Ametora | Why the Neo-Trad Trend Failed to Catch on in Japan” (Aug 15, 2008)

“Japanese Women | From Luxury to Yuru-Nachu” (Jul 29, 2008)

“The Man Who Brought Ivy to Japan” (biography of Ishizu Kensuke) Ivy Style. August 31, 2010.“A Second Look at Take Ivy, Ivy Illustrated and the OPH” (Feb 5, 2010)

“The Miyuki-zoku: Japan’s First Ivy Rebels” (Nov 24, 2009)

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